Environmental Noise Management

Environmental Noise Management

Environmental noise is ‘unwanted sound’ caused by everything from transport, industrial and recreational activities. If you are a company that produces noise, you must make sure it does not disturb the occupants of nearby areas while keeping costs low. Examples of noise-producing activities include:

  • Construction activities engineering plant and equipment
  • Aircraft, trains, road vehicles
  • Outdoor music

Environmental noise assessments should be carried out in line with your planning permission, your environmental permit, BS4142: 2014, Environmental Protection Act 1990, WHO Guidelines for Community Noise, BS8233:2014 and because of any specific complaint you may have had from nearby residents.


Undertake assessment surveys which identify:

  • Noise monitoring locations
  • Undertake non-consecutive noise measurements at all locations
  • Provide LAeq, LAmax, LAmin, LA90 , LA10  for each identified location
  • Provide octave or ⅓-octave analysis for each location

We will make sure you are working within the correct levels of noise and vibration with our acoustic surveys and provide you remedies to ensure noise levels are reduced to as low as practicable and remain in compliance with regulations.


Environmental Noise Management

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