Face Fit Testing

Face Fit Testing

Face fit testing is necessary for people who wear a mask at work, such as vehicle body builders, plumbers, gas fitters and metal plate workers. The test makes sure the Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) fits the individual’s face shape and size and provides effective protection from hazardous substances to avoid contracting respiratory-related diseases.

There are a range of hazards that require protection by RPE, including dust, asbestos, some particular hazardous substances including health hazards such as Covid-19.

How we can help

We conduct an assessment to make sure all your relevant equipment meets the required standards. Our face fit testing involves:

  • Undertaking testing accordance with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines
  • Each employee is given a pass or fail result
  • In the event of a failed test, a second test using a different model and/or size or RPE will be discussed with the individual

We can help you ensure your RPE provides sufficient protection to your staff.


Face Fit Testing

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