Hand-Arm & Whole-Body Vibration

Hand-Arm & Whole-Body Vibration

Vibration induced medical conditions can occur by working with vibrating tools such as grinders and drills, which cause damage to nerves, blood vessels and joints of the hand, wrist, and arm. Workers who use hand-held power tools for prolonged periods are at risk of developing Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome.

Employers should ensure risks associated from any exposure to hand-arm vibration is avoided altogether or reduced to as low as practicable with any employees deemed at risk then placed under health surveillance.

Additionally, employees who drive an onsite vehicle, such as a forklift truck and cranes can potentially be exposed to excess levels of whole-body vibration which could cause medical conditions such as vascular disorders, neurological and muscular damage.

Safety regulations state that employers should make sure risk from exposure to whole body vibration is either eliminated at source or reduced to as low a level as possible.

How we help

Hawkes Health are able to undertake hand arm and whole-body vibration assessments to see if your employees are at risk.

Our support includes:

  • To identify whether employees are presently being potentially exposed to hand arm and whole body vibration at or above the exposure action values
  • To formulate revised risk assessments, employee vibration exposure tracking logs and other safeguards. 
  • Undertake  employee health surveillance 


Hand-Arm & Whole-Body Vibration

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