Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance

Promoting good health is key to maintaining a happy and productive workforce and everyone should have the right to go home safe and well after a shift at work. At Hawkes health, we offer a range of health surveillance services to assess your operations and advise on what measures are required to help keep you and your employees safe.

Our highly experienced clinical team in conjunction with our occupational hygienists can deliver statutory surveillance evaluations for exposure to dust, vibration, noise and other hazards. We can also provide specific health surveillance assessments including:

  • Audiometric testing as part of a hearing conversation
  • Spirometry (respiratory) testing
  • Night shift worker assessments
  • Worker Fatigue risk assessments
  • Visual screening ( under Display Screen Regulations)
  • Hand Arm Vibration assessment
  • Biological monitoring
  • Skin assessments

In addition, we can complete baseline medicals at the start of employment, regular checks at agreed intervals throughout the employee’s career and, where appropriate, an exit medical. This ensures that any potential health issues are identified at an early stage.

The importance of Proactive Health Surveillance

Implementing a proactive health surveillance strategy across your organisation is vital in detecting ill-health at an early stage. It provides you with valuable data to help evaluate potential workplace health risks whilst also enabling employees to raise their concerns regarding their workplace health. By highlighting any lapses in workplace health protection control measures, the team at Hawkes health can help you to develop meaningful and specific training and education to ensure everyone remains safe both now and in the future.


Health Surveillance

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