Clinical Governance and Facility Audits

Clinical Governance and Facility Audits

Our Clinical Governance and Facility Audits thoroughly evaluate industrial, remote, or challenging medical support sites.

The evaluation is multifactorial and designed to ensure site clinics meet contractual obligations and budgetary constraints while delivering optimal patient care.

Through a series of thorough assessments and onsite and in-person interviews, this audit evaluates the quality and effectiveness of your medical personnel, policies, and procedures.

Audit reports will highlight positive findings and areas for improvement.

Where deficiencies are noted, reporting will offer remedial action plans and best-practice recommendations.

Our audit scopes will cover:


The auditor will assess providers’ clinical competencies required specific to the operation being audited including the providers’ knowledge of operating the clinic’s emergency medical and diagnostic equipment.


The clinic management assessment reviews medical equipment organization and maintenance, infection control, waste disposal, and overall clinic configuration.

Pharmacy Formulary

By comparing the clinic’s inventory to a best practices medication list, a full gap analysis commonly reveals critical medications that may be missing, and/or unnecessary redundancies, and/or suggested substitutions integral to bringing the clinic up to industry standards.

Medical Reporting Systems

Auditors review current reporting systems inclusive of basic report organization and le management, ensuring all necessary patient care details and clinic management are being logged and reported in compliance with the clinic’s scope of work, industry best practice, and local governance standards.

Health, Safety and Environmental Aspects

Auditors review the scope of work and interview providers to ensure competency with the client’s HSE expectations. Examples of health and safety items reviewed are health & hygiene inspections, first-aid kit & eye wash inspections, recordable case management, and wellness programmes.

Medical Emergency Response Planning (MERP) & Mass Casualty Incident Preparedness

Audit current plans to determine comprehensive steps are in place to ensure life savings arrangements will deploy as designed when needed.

Emergency plans utilised on-site as well as those invoking local resources and/or international medical evacuation and repatriation are also reviewed.

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Clinical Governance and Facility Audits

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