Remote Emergency Support

Remote Emergency Support

Hawkes Health partners with a team of UK General Medical Council (GMC) Registered Consultants in Emergency Medicine.

No other Topside Medical Provider can provide this level of continuous 24/7 consultant-led medical advice.

The offshore certified team all have vast and varied emergency medicine skills, knowledge and decades of experience in pre-hospital critical care, helicopter medical evacuation and telemedicine support.

Hawkes Health spent over three years searching for and nurturing a commercial and professional relationship with a team that is second to none in medical emergency medicine.

We appreciate and understand the health and medical challenges of organisations deploying their workforce in remote locations.

In time-critical emergency situations, remote operations of all types need direct access to specialists in emergency medicine, trauma and remote emergency care.  Non-emergency medicine topside doctors simply are not capable of providing that level of knowledge-based support, when they really need it in time-critical situations.

The Hawkes Health team of consultants have experience in managing and caring for seriously ill and injured patients at remote industrial sites, solar plants and windfarms

Additionally, our team also support and advise shipping, superyacht and VIP clients situated in high-risk locations.  

Our customers include cargo, pipe laying and scientific vessels, close protection teams, television crews, NGOs and news agencies all working in and around potentially hostile locations.


Remote Emergency Support

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